Simple but Elegant TV Mount with Shelf

If you have a new LCD or plasma flat screen TV, TV mount with shelf and design around them to create a look that suits your space and taste. Depending on size of area, a TV mounted on wall presents a difficult challenge versatile design, but with a little advance planning, you can do it.

If you have a large space and a need for space organization, create an integrated unit around to where you want your TV mount with shelf to go. Sketch design, leaving a space in between, or next to your TV. position of your TV depends on design of general arrangement of space. Add shelves to store DVD player, decoder and other electronics, and construction of cubicles for DVDs, CDs and other entertainment. When designing remember to leave room to store all special elements, such as a game console or old photos of your last trip with family

If an integrated unit is not for you, you can still create a TV mount with shelf. Buy a simple shelf, as track closet shelf in a store or home improvement organization. Install tracks on walls, and position of shelves as needed. Depending on type of rack you get, you can even buy baskets of metal and other items to help with DVD or other storage entertainment.