Decorative Shelving Brackets for Wall

Decorative shelving brackets – Locate the studs behind the wall where you plan to hang your shelf using your stud finder. Move the locator on the wall until you feel the presence of an upright. Marks the spot with a pencil. Locates the next amount in the same way. Make sure the two brackets are sufficiently close to support the shelf. If you are installing your shelves in a wall of solid wood, you should be able to mount them anywhere you want without worrying about locating studs.

Screw your anchor bolts for L-brackets through the holes provided in the decorative shelving brackets and into the marked location using your screwdriver or screw gun. Tighten each screw into the wall until the head of the screw is level with the support material.

Use your level of long extended to install the second carrier in the second Alinea L. Place your level on the support that you’ve installed and extend it to the second support. Subject to a shelf supports mounted using your screwdriver or screw gun. Screws inserted through the holes located in the arm of the L-bracket, now protrudes from the wall surface. Place the shelf above the decorative shelving brackets and tighten the screws from the bottom until they are firmly in place.