About the Bathroom Heat Lamp

Heat lamps were originally used for therapeutic purposes, but can now be placed in the bathrooms to provide warmth after a bath. There are a variety of these types of bathroom heat lamp available.

Benefits of bathroom heat lamp are providing instant heat and infrared light, which is good for the body. They also use little energy and are waterproof.

The types of these lamps can be installed in the ceiling of the bathroom or in a separate structure, and some models come with a fan. The lamp must be installed by an electrician. If you decide to install yourself, consult an electrician.

For the cost, a single 250 watt bulb costs about R $ 12.00; two 500-watt bulb for bath can cost about R $ 120.00 or £ 200.00 for one that comes with fan.

The bathroom heat lamp should not be close to the skin because light can cause burns. Babies should not be exposed to infrared light, and prolonged exposure may result in eye damage.