Solid Wood Interior Doors

This article is intended for everyone’s to be thinking of making a home, a major overhaul or just a facelift to your home. We try to bring together in one place everything necessary for your home that is related to wood. In principle is not always better doors 100% solid wood interior doors, although general opinion of many people. I say this in spite of earning many enemies as wood doors also have points against bottom lines that we see.

When we make our home or do a major remodeling, one of most important aspects and that more we are going to condition aesthetics of our house is choice of doors so we have to decide soon on a door or other (in this post will not go to say style of solid wood interior doors, only material from them).

solid wood interior doors are A priori are most desired, they can be of different woods, but most common are usually pine (in all its varieties Melis, tea, red, Flanders, country, valsain, …), iroko (iroko other similar names , teak, …) or fir. Oak, cherry, are usually not put high price for his or her serious maintenance problems (case of doors in oak). In sapelly or bubinga they are usually done by either be wood more “classic” although everyone likes.