Master Vanity Light Bar

Dormer windows for natural light intended to add an attic. A main bathroom can be planned to include a couple of dormers, attics if these are placed to seek appropriate. The attic can be positioned to bring light in the vanity area of ​​space, but they are placed near a bath or shower can be uncomfortable. The design of vanity light bar into a bathing area can work well with glass blocks inserted into the window space, if this complements the architecture of the house.

Draw a vanity sink in the space between the attic. Draw a wall mirror that is placed above the sink areas vanity light bar. Designing hold two vanity sinks placed at opposite ends of vanity. Build skylights to form a dressing room in the master bathroom, if the placement of roof windows above a vanity is not a good option. Use windows to bring light into a living space with a small vanity light bar  instead. Avoid placing a skylight above a toilet or above a bathtub, as privacy issues can come into play. Treat the attic as the focal points of the room in all aspects, as they add architectural beauty inside an attic room.