How to Paint Deep Bathtubs

Over time, may have a damaged or worn appearance. Deep bathtubs can have scratches, scratches. Also, once was common to find health raw or pink colors which, today, are no longer fashionable. So today I propose to give a new style to your bathroom painting the deep bathtubs and toilets. The first step to paint deep bathtubs is to make a good cleaning, removing all traces of grease, soap and lime they may have. To do this, we use a mixture of white vinegar and water, which extend over the entire surface. Then clarify with warm water, let dry, and removed the remains with a dry cloth. We cover all fittings and metal elements with masking tape.

Next, we sand the surface with a coarse abrasive sheet, to make this more porous and therefore receive better painting. We removed the debris and dust from sanding. Implementation of special primer for ceramic surfaces. Application special first layer of enamel or ceramic sanitary glazes. This type of paintings stands out as a great shock resistance, strong waterproof effect and good adhesion. Let it dry and sand it again lightly with a fine abrasive sheet. We removed the remains and re-paint. Leaving spend 48-72 hours before use.