Amazing Ruffle Shower Curtain Ideas

Dress up your bathroom by a delicate, with ruffle shower curtain. Keep putting subtle look is just one wheel in the shade. Ruffle curtain are panels hanging from a rod with pleating hooks or rings. There are a few different styles of ruffles. The most popular are the double pleated panels and triple.

To make a ruffle shower curtain from simple to amazing can achieve by adding different colored leaflets. Here is how to do: the first, you need a basic curtain fabrics and colors to make the flyers. Cut each fabric with size 225cm x 35cm.

You must do 9 leaflets. Sew the edges with zigzag stitch sewing machine to avoid fraying. You already have all the frills. Sew the first to the bottom to protrude only about 5 inches below. Fold a little.

Now sew the first glued to the top. Calculate half since the two seams and sew the middle (must be odd). Then calculate third to sew each of the 4 remaining flyers. Two in the top half and two at the bottom, and this idea is Taylor ideas for make ruffle shower curtain.