Floating TV Shelves with Invisible Fastening

Floating TV shelves with invisible fastening. In this consecration of Britannica, we will place and mounted on a wall a shelf with invisible fastening. To build our shelves with invisible fastening, we will place on one wall of the dining room two floating shelves, which attaches to the wall, are embedded in the edges of the shelves. We’re going to hang this rack model, DM plywood in wedge, which is already mechanized, that is, with the recesses and holes made. The kit also includes tacos, fixing screws and metal we need for installation.

The first step we must take is to present the metal fixing on the wall, level and mark the fastening points .Using the drill hammer in position and an appropriate bit for this type of surface, drilled holes .Then we introduce nylon studs using the hammer. We placed in the holder on the wall and look with the corresponding screws. Finally, we fit the floating TV shelves on the bracket and look at the bottom to the inner bars with screws. Have already placed the shelf and as we make a decorative composition in the dining room wall, we will set another shelf with the same characteristics, proceeding in the same way. With this invisible fastening system, wooden floating TV shelves remain securely attached to the wall without showing any kind of anchor. In addition, we will provide a modern touch and light to the decor of our home.