Innovations Motorized TV Stand

Motorized TV stand have a universal remote with that also support television moves. With the advent of flat screens and home proliferation of multiple electronic devices that can be found on the market, such as DTT decoders, DVD players, consoles, etc, the furniture on which to place these instruments also. They are more sophisticated, to the point of including small motors that move horizontally and vertically facilitate the television apparatus. The displacements are quiet and slow. Don’t produce sudden movements to avoid during the TV could fall

Motorized TV stand often have a remote control with which to move the TV stand and also acts as the universal remote control so that control all the aforesaid goods, except the console.

Motorized TV stand is able to move laterally television will allow us to avoid, when to watch television during the day and the sun’s rays impinge upon it, we can help in a more simple way, without being necessary to lower the blinds, and take advantage of more solar lighting. But choosing a suitable location for the television, which receives no sunlight, this problem is solved more easily. Able to move vertically television allows us to have a better viewing angle, depending on the position or height from which you look.