Wonderful Window Flower Boxes

Flowers brighten day of a house. And do both inside and out, bringing a touch of color to both rooms and facades. Also, they leave a pleasant scent perfumed kitchen, dining room and bedrooms. Then, we propose six ideas for decorating window flower boxes, from classic to most risky. You choose!

Branches and fruit combinations

Take fruit and place usually buy in a basket with a little grace. Then put it in a pot, along with some floral notes, dried flower will be ideal for this type of facility. Also, take advantage and bouquets centers each week to brighten room with a new window flower boxes. A tip: if you do not touch flowers last longer.

Flower season

Another option is to use seasonal window flower boxes. That allows us to change four times a year aesthetics of our window. most appropriate window flower boxes for use in autumn is cyclamen in winter daisies, lilacs in spring or narcissus or aster in summer. You choose!

Tulips, Dutch elegance

If you plant bulbs now, in spring you can enjoy most elegant planters. He likes well-drained, sandy soil and should not be planted two consecutive years on same land because they consume many nutrients.