Removing Wall Mount Toilet Tank

Bathrooms can be configured in different ways. One such design uses a toilet tank of wall mount toilet. Wall brackets connecting the tank to the wall, rather than on the ground floor. Like any plumbing fixture, toilet tanks can be damaged or broken due to wear and tear. If this happens, you have to remove the tank to diagnose and fix the problem. Turn off the water. There will be a valve silver, circular or oval behind your toilet. Turn it clockwise until you cannot move anymore. The water is now closed.

Remove the slip joint. Use your screwdriver to loosen the slip joint underneath the wall mount toilet tank. If the screw hole has a sign “+” at the top, using the Phillips screwdriver. For a screw with a “-“, use the flathead screwdriver. Close the lid of the toilet bowl. Hop astride the top of the cup while you are in front of the tank.

Place your knees under the tank to support their weight. Remove the wall bracket. Use the screwdriver appropriate to remove the wood screws into the wall bracket. Lift the tank and pull it off the wall mount toilet. Now you’ve removed the wall bracket and you’ve removed from the toilet tank.