How to Decorate Copper Bathtub

How to decorate copper bathtub – Garnish with a country, vintage or southwest style draws attention to a hot copper. Using the right colors, fixtures and fittings accentuates the warm look of copper material. If the copper bathtub contains a special finish that is aging patina otherwise use a special cleaning product. Many people choose copper vats for this vintage effect, while others enjoy the shiny metallic look is by using a specific cleansing.

Add wallpaper or wall paint in warm colors of a sunset or cozy earth tones. Colors like red rustic, warm gold, brown, sage green or deep apricot improve copper bathtub. Choose a shower curtain showing a vintage item or Southwestern warm colors, depending on the look you want. Choose accessories to match the accent colors on the shower curtain, like curtains, toothbrush holders and organizers bath.

Add side tables and units that have a vintage appeal to highlight the ancient atmosphere of copper bathtub shelves. Install marble or tile wall having gold veins, earth colors brown or otherwise in the pattern. This creates balance and a sense of oneness with large bath care leads to space.  Lay wooden or linoleum floors to a pattern resembling wood in soil.