Smart Retractable TV Stand

Retractable TV stand was to hide the screen behind a table. Two solutions were possible: either the screen remains in place or the table rises, the table is still in place and the TV down. We were able to sit against the wall of the living room in case of imposing a monumental gueuleton U table going around the room. A screen is not suitable as a file, it was necessary that the TV can go back to hide behind its frame height.

First question: do everything that exists? Well no, not in the configuration we wanted. Retractable TV stand furniture with the screen that goes above and beyond the furniture, but it does exist a mechanism that lowers a screen to make it visible, I have not found.

It has therefore launched a realization from scratch. After much reflection, we needed a box not too thick (max 10cm), slightly wider than the screen, and that rises to the ceiling, a system for retractable TV stand slides vertically and does not rock in dangling in side impact, a system for mounting the screen (assuming that gravity will go down without much problem) …  a solution to hide the cable mess.