Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding barn doors – can add a realistic garden shed or any work shed look. Double the measured opening the door wide to determine the required length of the track. Cut the track to length using a hacksaw or reciprocating saw fitted with a metal blade. Determine the style of the track assembly. It will be either mounted with clips that come with the kit track or screwing through tabs that are welded to the top of the track. If clips are used, simply slide on the dance ends and space evenly.

Mount the track to the wall with screws provided with the bottom of the track three inches above the top of the interior sliding barn doors opening. Make sure the track is level. Choose which side of the door opening to slide the track and mount flush with the other side.

Place the door face down and place rollers one to two inches below the top edge of the interior sliding barn doors. Start with placing rollers six inches on each side and the rest distributed equally between them. Use a pencil to mark the holes for the screws and remove the rollers. He bores a hole through the door at each mark using a drill bit that is as wide as the screw holes.