Make Own Bamboo Bath Mat

A bamboo bath mat can be made ​​from any material, but it is more practical to choose a fabric that looks good and can also absorb liquids. From there, all you need is a pencil and a good pair of fabric scissors. Taking the measure of the width and length you want to have the carpet measuring the area around the toilet. It should be as wide as the widest part thereof and long enough to fit your entire foot with a few extra inches of space.

Choose the fabric or material to use for the new carpet. Rayon is a good choice because of its high absorption. Cotton materials also serve and give your bathroom a rustic, relaxed look. You can also use other natural fibers like bamboo bath mats.

Place the material in front of the bamboo bath mat base. Put the left side of the material to which you want to get the carpet when completed, leaving enough space for the material to the desired width spread. With a pencil, trace contour approximately toilet base farthest reaching. If you’re cutting through tough plastic, you can mark with a precision knife a few times on each side before cutting with scissors.