Popular Walnut Media Console

Walnut media console is one of types of wood most common and well-known, highly valued for interior design for its aesthetic characteristics, great finish and ease of treatment. Wood is also preferred choice for many carpenters because despite its hardness, it is exceptionally easy to use. There are 20 species of walnut, each with its own individual characteristics.

Characteristic color of walnut media console is between red and dark brown make it unmistakable. Color varies from species to species. This also affected region where tree grows. Even a single tree can have a wide range of color in wood. Walnut is considered one of most resistant over time. Heartwood (wood that is occupying central portion of trunk) can endure long time even under unfavorable conditions for preservation.

Walnut media console are designed to provide storage and display options of your TV, DVD, VCR, stereo, video game consoles and other electronics. Some also have storage space for tapes, DVDs and CDs. Choose a design for an entertainment unit that is structurally sound enough to accommodate combined weight of all electronic devices.

Walnut is considered one of types of wood more valuable than exist today. There are different variants according to their origin. Some of them are: European walnut (found in southwestern Europe), American black walnut (North America and Canada), and California walnut (Western US), among others.