Stunning Decorative Light Bulbs

Did you ever think that “it is necessary” a lamp to decorate a room? Surely many of you answer is “No”, but we hope that with decorative light bulbs that we present today, along with some ideas of how to combine them properly. First, we must say, it is clear that when light up a room a colorful lamp, with a large or small screen or lampshades, fabric, glass or polystyrene, colors etc … possibly get a better result for When decorating our room if space and circumstances permit.

But sometimes, and depending on our space and type of decoration, maybe not exactly looking to recharge the atmosphere with large or conventional lamps, and for those occasions where decorative light bulbs fits perfectly, put decorative lamps capable alone decorate and highlight in the environment are filament bulbs emit a warm light and a beautiful decorative effect.

Furthermore, developments in lighting technology used in existing versions on the market of decorative LED decorative light bulbs filaments. The main difference is the consumption of the bulb: 40W compared to the conventional filament bulbs, the new LED models filament consume 4W and 6W so consumption is much lower and can save up to 60% in consumption energy.