TV Stands For Flat Screens on the Wall

The appearance of TV stands for flat screens on the wall has meant, among other things, a change in the decoration of houses and premises. The slim thickness makes it much easier to place and opens up a possibility before complicated: hang on the wall. Besides being aesthetically it gives us more freedom to place it anywhere. Today in Technology as equals we take our side more hands to explain how to mount your TV on the wall.

The first step is to ensure that our television is compatible with such media. Normally almost all TV stands for flat screens on the wall have it but it is best to ensure it. At first glance it is easy to see, at the back, if you have the clips, typically screws for this. If we see that you have, and once bought the stand, dismantle the basis on which we put the TV on furniture. The next step is to assemble the parts of the media that are on TV. Guides who are normally mounted with screws and pieces of security to hold and support the weight of the TV stand for flat screens. Always make sure that all is well placed and firmly. Such supports are prepared to support the weight without problems but poor installation may end up causing some trouble. Once we have assembled the pieces on television touches make holes for mounting the bracket on the wall. The first thing is to make sure we have room and we can make holes smoothly. Take the rule, a level and started drilling. Depending on the media, depth and number of holes may be different. These two points are specified in the instruction manual for the model that we bought.

Before attaching the TV, you should leave the wires to connect them before hand and complete the installation. If we do this we will play back wall and remove the remaining gap is too small to reach in and make the appropriate connections. This done, we couple the TV stands for flat screens on the wall and go. We already have installed. Do not forget to sweep and clean everything after making the holes.

Done the last step is to enjoy television. Vogel’s, one of the leading manufacturers of media for television, has a variety of models for all needs: fixed, mobile, to connect multiple displays … Besides, if we have any doubt with the installation of a concrete support in their YouTube channel you have several guides very visual and easy to follow to install.