Sensual Beauty of Distressed TV Console

There are many ways to make a piece of furniture look old and worn. Distressed TV console furniture painting is one such method, which gives you a piece of old furniture and old look. Distressing furniture is considered a finishing technique, however, is otherwise finishing in a conventional manner.

Quite opposite of furniture in your house sparkling, distressed TV console furniture looks old and robust. Distressed painting technique combines new designs with vintage look. This furniture looks like an abandoned piece, but has a unique beauty itself.

To distressing finishing furniture piece is worked so deliberately display less than perfect. To destroy sandpaper finished object or paint stripper used. Craftsman usually removes some of paint; leaving paint marks on several layers lower speckled wood grain. This piece of furniture is crafted distressed furniture finish. Some stores sell furniture such, but following a few simple tips on painting furniture you can transform any piece of furniture that looks like an antique furniture, and create a unique home decor.

For a varied effect of anguish, rub surface with different grades of sandpaper. First, base color or final color should be completely dried before placing successive or one will be merged with other steps. Final touch is an important aspect of painting process. Keep it clean and wipe with a dry cloth. Distressed TV console furniture is an amalgam of decrepit and sensual beauty that has an aesthetic appeal.