Mix Industrial And Rustic TV Stands

Mix Industrial And Rustic TV Stands – Using dark stained wood and galvanized pipes resources will allow we to have a rustic and industrial TV stand. Started with two large plates, they are pine 3.5 x 2 ft and about 1 inch thick. Sanding wood a bit, helping to keep the stain to the surface as simple as possible. Dip a soft cloth in the stain, wring it out in the can and then wipe the stain at wood.

After the wood for build mix industrial and rustic TV stands is thoroughly colored, wait until it is dry before it was over really important. While it dried, took the galvanized pipe bought and painted them black. Painted them black, so the contrast of wood and pipes to pop. It is time to drill the holes in the bottom piece of wood. Placing the timber at the drill as far as it can go. The wood is pushed as far as possible the pressure at the longer sides, does not require measurement. Then decide how far into the short side want to go through on goal. Mark where each hole should be, slowly pushing the drill in the spot. A whole all the way through to the other side did four holes in a sign that the cable and a DVD box plank will be.

The next step for build mix industrial and rustic TV stands, slipped the longer legs into the hole. Then set the top shelf in the holes. Tracing where they are on the top shelf, then connects the shorter lines to a circular base. Make sure you screw small enough to get the width of your board. With the top mounted four smaller tubes. Securing the board of directors and the pipes together, turning the legs until they are firmly connected to each other. Put TV and the necessary equipment and a TV stand.