Useful Bathroom Storage over Toilet

In this article, we will speak ideas bathroom storage over toilet. Very often, only places to hide all shampoos, conditioners, lotions and potions are a small wardrobe and a cupboard above sink. That may be enough for someone who is single and does not have a lot of items primping, but for average couple or family, more space is needed. Often, owners try to make use of space above their toilets. Fortunately, some options may make area often wasted over useful toilet.

Shelves bathroom storage over toilet offer ample space to store a variety of toiletries. Towels, toothbrushes and other toiletries can be stored on shelves, keeping them out of closet to make room for other items. Elegant steel shelves often look good in a bathroom like plastic shelves. Wooden shelves are a favorite choice for bathroom and generally are made with solid oak, MDF or particle board.

Cabinet bathroom storage over toilet is good option and normally do look most elegant and welcoming empty space. Cabinets also supply appropriate amounts of storage space. Advantage of installing a cabinet instead of shelves in bathroom is guests will have instant access to your goods. Also, items stored and stacked on shelves can often seem disorganized and cabinets, hides unsightly mess.