Best Design Wall Unit Entertainment Centers

A wall unit entertainment centers is an important piece of furniture in the modern home. It’s where the TV and DVD player are kept and where many DVDs are stored. However, sometimes having the entertainment center occupying an important part of a wall is difficult or impossible because of other features, such as fireplaces. In this case, building a shelving unit corner entertainment center allows for the TV and DVD player that is out of the way, but still occupies a central part of the room.

To determine the depth of the shelf, place the TV in the corner where is your entertainment center is to stand. Measure the distance along the walls reaches TV, use of the tape, and adds an extra inch to each measurement. Consider the size of a sheet of paper. Decide on the height of the center of entertainment you want. Subtract 1 1/5 inches of this length and enter the result on paper. Use a circular saw to cut a piece of hardwood wall unit entertainment centers to the measurements you made. Wood cut diagonally to form two triangular pieces. Measure and cut a second piece of hardwood 3/4-inch to the same measures. Cut the second piece of wood along the diagonal to form two triangular pieces with the same dimensions as the first two.

Glue the cut strips of hardwood for the remaining two rectangular pieces of wood using wood glue wooden blocks to form 1 1/2 inches thick with holes 3/4-inch to 3 and 14 1/4 inches from the top. These are the side panels of the box. Let the glue dry completely. Cut one side of each side at 45 degrees using the puzzle piece, whereby the two side parts fit together to form two sides of a triangle. Paste an edge of the first side panel and sticking to the edge of triangular pieces of wood. Paste the cut edge of the side panel 45 degrees. Glue and glue the other side panel to the opposite edge of the triangular piece. Turn the pieces glued on so you can access the bottom of the triangular piece wall unit entertainment centers. Screw the triangular piece to the side panels using three screws countersunk long side panel to reinforce the joints. Turn the unit back. Glue the top of the side panels. Placing a second triangular piece at the top of the side panels. Screwing it in place in the same way. Slide the shelves in the lagoons of the unit 3/4-inch on the side panels. Mark how far off the shelves unity Stick using a pencil. Remove the shelves. Trim excess that marked with circular saw. Apply wood glue to the sides of the shelves. Slide the shelves in the unit. Place the unit in the corner and stand your TV on top of the unit.