How to Install Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Install a flush mount ceiling light screw-top glass is not as difficult as it may seem. These accessories can be very cheap and available in a wide variety of styles, from rustic to retro, modern to men. Ceiling lights flush mount called because the ceiling mount is flush with the surface of the plaster, although some designs hang from the ceiling a little.

Turn off the circuit will be working on the switch, located on the main switch box. This is the first step for any project that deals with electricity and electrical appliances. Pull the electrical cables outside the electrical box mounted on the ceiling. Remove the lamp from its packaging and go through the hardware to make sure everything is there. Hold the fixture to the flush mount ceiling light and connect each cable from the electrical box with the appropriate cable into the device.

Stuff the cables back into the electrical box in the flush mount ceiling light. Screw the lamp into the appropriate electrical box; tighten until the lamp is firmly against the roof holes. Screw the threaded connector in the hole in the center of the lamp. Install compact fluorescent light bulbs in the fixture. Turn the switch and test the operation of the light. With the power and light bulbs installed, it should work perfectly.