Cover Exit Egress Window Wells

Egress Window wells – exit Uncovered can act as traps litter and other debris. Having a professional install window coverings and exit can be an expensive proposition. Exit windows are necessary in any living space, especially bedrooms, and allow a person to easily climb out without the use of tools or keys. Window openings around windows output must be at least 9 square meters of floor space, so they are quite large. There are a number of do-it-yourself solutions to an output window uncovered well.

Acrylic glass sheets are available in almost any store home improvement. They are a transparent acrylic plastic material that can bend and not break. Acrylic glass allows light to pass through in their basement, but keeps debris out of the window openings. Measure egress window wells out and get a piece of acrylic to each well to minimize the number of cuts you need to do.

Most stores carry home improvement plastic for egress window wells covers that can be removed to place. Usually they cut to size, and intended to be made of a lightweight material and are hinged or attached with clips of tension that can be pushed out in case of emergency. These covers often nothold up very long when exposed to extreme temperatures and sunlight.