Idea of Giving a Radical for Mirrored Media Console

This mirrored media console found in the weekly market in Extremes (I spoke to him in this post) and it cost 12 Euros. Of course, in the state it was could even seem a steep price: desolates legs, damaged parquetry, wood faults everywhere? But I liked the way it was so stylized and all size: just 30 cm deep, so I bought it with the idea of ​​giving a radical change.

The first step for mirrored media console, as always, was thoroughly cleaned to ensure that fortunately did not borers. That’s right: the smell was indescribable, a mixture of moisture and smoke that had long indicated that in a place that was not his. Painting, besides being very dark for such a small cabinet was blackened by the smoke that probably gave him the unpleasant odor.

The inlay was badly damaged, so it was inevitable to put a new sheet. But I liked the drawing, it was very appropriate for the shape of the mirrored media console and filled all about, so I came up trace it and play it on the new top I put a wooden board untreated.

To paint the furniture I chose a green range of those who have been called elegant colors, soft and bright colors maybe a little more risqué, because on the site that would place it was better a color that stand out on the wall painted yellow.