Replace a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

A recessed toilet paper holder flush is held flat against the wall, and the bar is placed at or near the level of the wall so that part of the holder extends into the wall. Undermines the caulking around the outer edges of the current holder paper toilet with a spatula. Remove the putty with needle nose pliers. Put masking tape around the holder paper toilet to prevent the tiles when you pull the stand out chipping. Duct tape works better than other tapes, and leaves no residue.

Place a chisel holder behind the edge of paper hygienic and hits the end of the chisel with a hammer. Turn the chisel to begin withdrawing stand out. Move the chisel along all edges of the media out. Hold the edge of the holder of recessed toilet paper holder flush with needle nose pliers and pull until it come holder.

Caulk the whole edge carefully by applying a thin layer of putty that does not leak outside the edge of the recessed toilet paper holder when it is added. Place the new holder paper toilet flush into the hole. Make sure it is not upside down. Hits the edges of the bracket with the deck until the bracket is flat against the wall.