Trends Reclaimed Wood TV Console

Furniture reclaimed wood TV console have been growing in importance over years, as TV, but despite their many, has become centerpiece of living room. In addition, design of these has changed, first because of fashions and technological development on other TVs, which have gone on to have bigger screens and smaller funds, leaving many of these useless furniture, at least to contain TV.

Framing reclaimed wood TV console inside cabinet. It is most widespread because it allows take greater advantage of storage capacity of unit option. Some of our recommendations for this type of design is that you play with open shelves (no doors) and closed, or not fully framings television leaving a free hand for a decorative element.

Television fixed to wall and only a long horizontal reclaimed wood TV console. This is an option for rooms with a minimalist style to which they want to give a feeling of spaciousness. It is a simple option where you must pay special attention to color scheme between floors, walls and furniture, and where to get this feeling of spaciousness should avoid placing excessive elements on furniture.

While that enclose television behind cabinet doors no longer a trend, and be stopped by increasing size of apparatus and also because aesthetics is one of new concerns of manufacturers, which avoids having to hide TV