How to Build a Wooden Storage Crates Box

Wooden storage crates boxes are very useful for storing seasonal items, like sweaters, blankets, Christmas decorations, gardening equipment and tools. They provide a place for children’s toys, sports equipment and craft materials. Well-made storage boxes can be carved, stained, stencil, decoupage or tiles to make a piece that delights the eye.

In the past, wooden storage crates boxes were more likely to be a hope chest of cedar. These all that contains a newlywed couple would have to start your own home. Today, young men and women alike would benefit from a change in the concept of hope chest. As they head to college or move into their own apartments to enter the workforce, a chest full of kitchenware storage, small appliances, linens, curtains and cushions would ease the transition from high school student He is living in the home of an independent adult.

Make wooden storage crates, Place the front and rear board’s cedar between the side boards. Arena four cedar chips until smooth, rounded edges. Place one in the four corners of the bottom board cedar. Apply carpenter’s glue to each foot and press into place. Hold the feet until the glue dries overnight. Drill pilot holes on each foot by two wood screws, one on the outside corner, and one in the diagonal of the first.