Classy Primitive Bathroom Decor

Primitive bathroom decor – Hang towels that match the color scheme or primitive characteristic motifs like stars, animals or basic point cross adds to the warmth of your bathroom. Wooden or metal towel racks simple may be the easiest option, but hand quilt rack ties in better with a scheme of primitive bathroom. Quilt racks can be whitened or stenciled with matching patterns. In small bathrooms, where a free-standing quilt frame would take too much floor space, rustic cast or aged and distressed wooden towel racks can be used iron. Wooden shelves that are placed over the toilet are painted easily to fit a primitive theme.

Metal decorative pieces and wall hangings accommodate high levels of moisture in a bathroom well if done correctly. Hanging Star-finishing pig iron or tin plates drilled quickly creates a primitive bathroom decor. Old signs are also a good option, according to PrimDé Avoid brightly colored signs, rust, wear or signs can lead to a vintage style that is not completely original.

Wooden decorative pieces may be able to be hung in primitive bathroom decor if treated with some type of waterproof sealant first. Cross stitch and tapestry textiles should be hung in a frame designed to hold moisture, or may be damaged.