Audio Video Cabinet Sliding Door

Audio video cabinet – Place sliding door audio video cabinet to save space, this is the brisket that we are going to show this time full ideas furniture in my website We will install a sliding door cabinet, in a very simple way. because the sliding doors are often very useful in places little space to open or close a closet. And, in addition to saving space, it is also a good way to change the look of the furniture.

Step by step to place sliding door audio video cabinet in furniture

Within the various options offered by the market, we have opted for a door wood, which will include some shooters. We will also place two aluminum rails. Begin work taking the measure of the hollow interior of the cabinet that we cover. Then transported far to the rails aluminum and mark the cut. With the scroll saw and a metal sheet, cut the two lanes. Next, apply adhesive mounting on the two metal parts.

We set both rails in place. The more depth will be placed on the top of the furniture. And the shallowest we will put on the bottom; in this way, the doors will fit tightly and will not fall off. Is the time to put shooters? With a marker, mark the fixing points. Now with the drill and drill for metal, drilled the hole. Then we screw the handle. We perform the same procedure to fix the other knob. Finished the job by placing the doors audio video cabinet in place.