How to Make Wood Shelf Brackets

The media made ​​of wood can be stylish on shelves. With a little practice and design, it can be quite unique in its own products of wood shelf brackets. Here is a simple set of wooden brackets for the shelves to get you started.

Instructions to make wood shelf brackets: make a sketch of your stand on a piece of paper, cut it out and trace the design on the wood 5 cm x 15 cm. In the illustration, we chose a simple model. Cut the brackets on the wood with the saw.

Attach the supports on a lathe, with the outer edge of up and make two holes at each distance of 5 cm with a 6 mm drill. The holes should stop 6 mm from the rear edge.

Finish the holes with a 1.6 mm drill. Insert wood screws with washers and screw into the hole until they penetrate the back edge. In preaching the wood shelf brackets, simply attach the screws to a beam on the wall and place the rack on top.