How to Build a Decorative Shelf Bracket

Supports for shelves are traditional decorative shelf bracket overhangs or older style houses. Largest media are called brackets and can be carved or pierced to create elaborate decorations. The shelf support must also be functional and support the platform, which means and the side wall of the support platform installed must be flat and perpendicular. Instructions to build decorative shelf bracket.

Cut a piece of 1-by 8-inch square wood with a table saw. Draw a diagonal line from the upper left to the lower right corner, using a pencil. Cut along the diagonal line with a table saw. Place the flat timber and draw a parallel line 3/4 inch from the edge along the two short sides joined by the angle of 90 degrees, measuring with a tape measure.

Draw a line from the point where the pencil line 3/4-inch diagonal cut line is crossed. Your line should be perpendicular to the side. Cut the sharp point of the diagonal cut. Repeat for the other side. Measure from the section along line mark 2 inches and 3/4 inches. Drill a 1/4-inch through its leaf shape. Insert a puzzle into the hole and cut its leaf shape. Finally you can build decorative shelf bracket easily.