Simplest Outdoor Firewood Rack

A fireplace is a gift to any home. One of challenges of having a fireplace is to find ideal place to store all wood. You need a frame that is roomy, robust and protect wood from moisture. Outdoor firewood rack keeps you from having to stack your firewood on floor, making it vulnerable to decay and insects.

Simplest outdoor firewood rack is type that closely resembles a basic platform without metal book shelves. You can build or buy a shelf as it is so big or as small as you need it. Stainless steel rods create a cage for firewood, with a leaf on bottom. Stacking pieces of wood on top of each other until metal frame is filled. Most of these racks come with a canvas cover to protect top of structure, keeping wood dry during rain. Many homeowners this shelf is positioned against wall of his house to protect back of wood from elements.

AK47 Italian Company has created a modern firewood shelf designed for urban spaces that do not have a lot of space to store outdoor firewood rack areas to maintain wood. Company created modern wood chair Flex grid. You can manipulate steel to take various forms.