Unique Distressed TV Stand for Vintage-Style Homes

Distressed TV stand furniture is often used in rustic or vintage-style homes. This furniture is old, because the paint finish has been distressed. One of the most common ways to distress furniture is sanded some “tired” areas of the part. Reveals sanding wood or paint under the top layer of paint. You can dress up your furniture distressed by first painting it red, and then paint it black. When the edges of the furniture are distressed, red paint peek through the black painted finish.

Distressed TV stand finish painting recreates the sheen of weathered wood furniture. This treatment furniture looks good in a country house, cottage or traditional houses. The materials include base coat paint old milk, paste wax, an upper layer eggshell and sandpaper fine grain to create areas of wear. For greater visual impact, applying contrast base and upper layers. Use monochromatic colors to give your casual yet sophisticated distressed look furniture.

Distressed TV stand is a way to make new furniture and give it the old or weathered look. This type of look is most often found in shabby chic and French country decor. Many specialty stores and shops sell distressed furniture that is very expensive. This type of furniture can be easily reproduced with a little paint and some technical.