Easy and Quick Installation Surround Sound Speaker Mounts

If you are installing a home theater system and want to get the most out of your surround sound for a true cinema experience, you can install surround sound speaker mounts on the ceiling. This will give you surround sound, allowing all the music and sound effects to permeate the atmosphere. This is actually one of the easiest parts of setting up your home theater system, and can be done with only a few tools.

How to surround sound speaker mounts? First, stand on a stool and maintain a stud finder to locate the ceiling studs / beams. Mark the location of the beams behind the ceiling with a pencil. Pilot drill holes using a drill and a bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the mounting screws.

Then, Insert the plastic anchors into the drilled pilot holes and tap flush with the ceiling with a rubber hammer. Keep the speaker stands to the roof, aligning the holes in the mounting brackets with the pilot holes drilled in the roof. Insert the screws through the supports of the speakers in the ceiling, hand tighten to hold it in place for a moment, and then securely tighten with a screw gun. Now you place can surround sound speaker mounts on brackets mounted on the ceiling.