Wall Mount TV Stand in 6 Keys

Wall mount TV stand – Your ideal wall mount TV stand in 6 keys. Here are 6 keys to choose and install a successful TV stand to the wall. First, choose the right holder for the VESA type of your TV. (The separation between holes in the back that allows you to screw the stand). Two, ices and weight should never exceed those recommended by the stand manufacturer.

Three, You are going to place your TV and wall mount TV stand at a height? And the height does not allow your vision to form a line perpendicular to the screen? You will have to opt for inclinable supports. Four, if you want to place the TV in a corner or to be able to visualize it from different points of the room opts for supports with arm. Five, take into account the separation between the and the wall. So that the cables can be connected without problems, including the plug and the aerial socket.

As an additional solution are cables with right angle connectors. Last, when you are going to fix wall mount TV stand to the wall make use of all the points of subjection that the manufacturer indicates. And make sure that you use proper spikes and screws, as well as having a strong wall to hold the weight – especially if it is for a TV with bracket.