Z line TV Stand with Glass

Z line TV stand-Build a stylish Z line TV stands for your modern living room or entertainment area with the help of glass and acrylic. A thick glass plate fits on any Z line TV stand and acrylic is strong for the vertical supports. Build your own Z line TV stand with glass for the upper surface and two lower shelves.

Place a sheet of glass flat on the ground or a workbench and positioned four three-inch acrylic rods or bars perpendicular on top of the glass in each corner. Place the slats so they are positioned two inches away from the corners. Place a dollop of the adhesive on the size of a quarter at one end of each bar or rod and glue them to the glass in this position. Let the glue dry. These are guides to the bottom of your glass Z line TV stand.

Turn the glass panel over so it rests on the three-inch supports. Glue 4:12-inch bars on top of the glass so they are flush with the lower supports. These 12-inch subsidies will keep your second shelf. Place a dab of glue the size of a quarter on each of the top ends of the 12-inch bars, and carefully enter another glass plate on top of them so the glass is in line with the glass directly beneath it. Let the glue dry completely before continuing the project.