How to Build Teak Bath Mat

Teak wood has a fine grain that is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. This makes it an ideal material for create a teak bath mat. This wooden bridge gives your bathroom a natural light thin, allow water to drain down, minimizing the dirt on the top surface.

To build teak bath mat, size 36 inches long stretches of teak slats and draw a line on a signal to indicate a cut. Create 12 sections that are 36 inches long and 3 sections measuring 24 cm in length. Sand the surfaces until the wood is smooth.

Place the 12 long sections of wood on the work surface with flat ends opposite the large table and the minor sides touching. Place small rows vertically above 12 long pieces, placing it at the center of the block. Insert a brass screw into each hole and tighten.

Put each of the other two shorter pieces of teak vertically on top of the box. Put about 6 cm from the right edge and the other 6 cm from the left margin. Finally, to build teak bath mat, connect four adhesive rubber pads of the foot cell at the corners of the bottom of the pad.