How to Anchor Shower Curtain Rod to a Concrete Wall

Anchor shower curtain rod cement may seem like daunting task. You’re probably reconsidering hang curtains there after all. However, with the right tools, the task is almost as easy as hanging bars on any other surface. Instead of using screws or nails that come standard with curtain rod, use concrete screws so you can attach the accessory to the concrete surface.

Instructions to anchor shower curtain to a concrete wall: push the curtain rod against the concrete. Adjust the rod until it is in the desired position. Insert pencil into the holes of accessories curtain rod. Drawn marks on the concrete deck to show where holes should be drilled at both ends of the bar.

Insert a bit into the drill uses diameter that is the same or slightly smaller than the screws. Drill holes in each pencil mark. Do the so deep or slightly deeper than the screws that you use holes. Blow in the holes to remove dust.

Remove the drill bit and replace it with a Philips head. Inserting the first screw through the hole in the bar attachment and hold it against the pre-drilled hole in concrete. Finally, to anchor shower curtain to a concrete wall, repeat the process for each hole in the fixture curtain rod.