Stunning Bathroom Color Schemes

Ideas bathroom color schemes are potentially endless. Redesign or simply paint a bathroom is an investment that can help or hurt your potential value of home.  To obtain a clear contrast black, white and in your bathroom, finding inspiration in tiles black and white checkered. Use tile or wallpaper in black and white on walls. Include matching curtains and towels game. Incorporate black lines on an edge of mirror. In further contrast, add rugs solid black and white bath towels. For a touch of color, add some red accessories.

Stone bathrooms give impression of wealth and power. Bring bathroom color schemes in neutral colors with natural stone tiles on walls, bath, shower and floor. Put in marble countertops and a marble sink to match stonework. Bring out earthy tones of stone slab with wooden furniture and ceramic accessories.

Bathroom color schemes of blue and yellow color, white are a brilliant palette for any bathroom. This color combination brings warmth and vitality to your bathroom. Paint ceiling, cabinets, flooring and white accessories. Add a touch of navy through wall art, and consider nautical accents or marine life. Use a carpet with blue or yellow tones and hang yellow towels to create a combination of soft colors.