Special Swivel TV Mount

When you are watching television and more spectators entering the room where you are, avoid having to lift and reposition heavy equipment, building swivel TV mount which will provide the screen at the sight of all present. A swivel is attached to both the base and the TV to turn the device completely to the touch of a finger. Little wood is required for the job. Examine reserves leftover pieces of hardwood you have in your workshop; you may already have on hand enough wood 1 “(2.54 cm).

Swivel TV mount has four access holes and four mounting holes, top and bottom. When you are finished base, center turn-on on the base, align the top access holes and bottom mounting holes and screw the swivel TV mount stand to the base. Have access holes match up with the bottom and drill four oversize sizes through the base. Centre based on invested TV and set the turntable to the TV cabinet through the holes in the base. Using flat head tapping screws, if the TV cabinet is metal and pan head screws, if wood. Warning: Inspect the chassis of the TV to make sure the screws do not touch any parts.