Best Mediterranean Landscape

Mediterranean well-designed landscape takes us to warm romantic views of Rome, Tuscany, Greek islands, or sunny Spain. With a mix of formality and informality, there is a cloak of elegance that reflects classic old charm of southern Europe. You can recreate this style in garden using materials that will give you effect you want. Here are some suggestions to help you design Mediterranean landscape.

A Mediterranean-style landscape usually gives impression of warmth and exuberance. On walls, sources or other features reflected a sense of antiquity and permanence.

Materials you use to create these effects are mild and light-colored stones, eroded bricks, terracotta tiles, pavers, travertine and wood. Gravel, stone, bricks and tiles are good for roads in a Mediterranean landscape design. Favorite colors are neutral.

Water objects found in homes of Mediterranean landscape. You can build a pond, a swimming pool or use a source. It incorporates smooth stones and decorate anywhere with carved classic designs.

Wrought iron or wood used at entrances, fences, arbors and arches. Large decorative pots or urns with hanging flowers create great effects: You place them across landscape. And a classic shrine and Roman columns can be incorporated into your design.