Covering a Display of Victorian Chandelier

Victorian chandelier screens have a different style. Covered with soft fabrics and decorated with delicate ornaments and fringes of beads, Victorian chandelier evokes a sense of nostalgic comfort. Purchased from a department store, these lamps can cost a fortune. With some basic crafting supplies, you can transform an existing shade on a beautiful display of Victorian chandelier.
Remove the existing lamp shade. Put a knife in the top of the shade and gently cut from the top to the bottom. Refrain from pressing too hard to make one’s shadow is not cut. Remove the cloth and discard. Continue cutting and peeling until all the existing material is removed in the shade. Cover a portion of the wire frame. Place a dab of hot glue on the tape and fold it around the wire.

Paint a layer of oxide on the frame retardant recorded. Wrap the tape around the dyed cotton weft yarns to create the joint. Strengthen the hand cotton tape on the frame sew with a needle and thread. Place a piece of the lining fabric on top of the metal structure. Use sewing pins to secure the fabric to the junction at the top and bottom of the frame of cotton.