Paint Victorian Furniture Styles and Worn

Victorian furniture styles produced since the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century is known for being very ornate and heavy, influenced by Gothic construction. The pieces are usually made ​​of wood ash, black walnut, maple, oak, walnut or pink. Although much of the Victorian furniture had finished dye dark wood, the more casual pieces were painted with paint of milk a type of powder made ​​with earth pigments. Wash the furniture with soapy water using a sponge. Mix milk powder paint light-colored with water to the consistency of paint tin.

Some basic colors of classic Victorian furniture style include cream, white, golden yellow and brick red. Paint the whole cabinet, using a natural bristle brush. Let the paint dry completely before proceeding. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly where the furniture naturally wear out over time, as the edges and raised areas carved.

Mixing and applying a thin layer of dark paint. Some colors for this layer include black, chocolate brown and deep green. Let the top layer of paint to dry before continuing. Sanding corners and edges of furniture to bare wood is seen in certain areas that receive heavy use. Ends of Victorian furniture Styles with a thin layer of oil-based varnish.