Tropical Duvet Covers

Tropical Duvet Coversapplying various tropical weather high humidity, safe to use, have high antimicrobial against mold and insects. In addition to the products on the blanket, bedcover QILILA launches with our customers products of high cap. Duo feather pillows blankets taken from waterfowl memory of the combination on the

Technological lines Blow Dry-cleaning of extremely modern Steam guarantee absolute sterility, tropical weather withstand high humidity, safe to use. Quilt shell using 100% cotton fabric imported from Egypt have high antibacterial and anti-fungal insects. Varied fabric color easy for you to select color tropical duvet covers more accurately.

QILILA pleased to introduce tropical duvet covers these products to best feather pillows blankets now in stores, dealers you will be satisfied with the feather pillows blankets because of the light, breathable and durable of feathers. As materials retain heat very efficiently, feathers regulate your body temperature a most appropriate way even with a very small quality; blankets have very high heat retention capacity. Also you will never have to endure the wet as you often see in the product unnatural sex because feathers capable of ventilation, drainage of moisture from the body and reduce sweating