Victorian Ceiling Fans Ideas

Victorian ceiling fans – A mansard roof is the classic barn roof with two distinct slopes on each side. This style is so effective and has been used as an icon of American farm for long. It is also a main feature in the styles of Georgian and Dutch colonial houses and cottages. There are two components to each side of the mansard roof: the upper slope and the lower. The lower slope is steep for snow to slide rather than accumulate it. The upper slope is not so steep, so that there is more space below the ceiling.

There are many components in the design of a sloping roof such as victorian ceiling fans. To make a useful design, you must know the upper and lower slopes, the width of both the heights and the size of the wood available.

Many of these factors are dependent on others, such as the amount of floor space that you require, the type of braces you will use, the amount of snow that falls during the winter in your area and the strength of the winds that your roof You must endure.

Proper design for victorian ceiling fans involves a complicated procedure that should be performed by an expert.