Making Lace Victorian Curtains

The Victorians loved lace and used it throughout their homes as decoration. Lade half tones window size can be quickly sewn and technique used heel and the belt that makes the opening of the shade smoothly. These Victorian curtains are perfect for a bedroom Victorian and add charm to a powder room. The tones can be made with a sewing machine or hand stitching. Fabric stores sell a wide variety of lace fabric with scalloped edges.

Cut the fabric to fit the measurements you determined in Step 1. Fold the top edge of the fabric 1 1/2 inches scalloped twice to the back (the side of the fabric showing the seam), and the pin in place. Sew a seam line on the edge of the hem to create a rod channel. Folded, pin the hem and a quarter inch twice in the vertical sides of the lace Victorian curtains.

Sew the central points of the 12-inch pieces of tape to the top edge of the lace Victorian curtains, placed six inches away. Insert the tension rod in the rod channel shadow. Open the shadow moving the pin of the tension rod and its attachment with ribbons tied in bows.