Popular Tropical Centerpieces

Tropical centerpieces table can be used for tropical themed weddings or other parties. Thinking of your centerpiece, note that the vibrant colors found in all tropical climates. The lush vegetation bright reds and deep oranges are all attractive tropical colors options. The centerpiece can be noisy and bright or a little more subdued for smaller parties and occasions.

A popular tropical centerpieces idea is using a bowl of watermelon fruit. Watermelon can be cut in half and carved and filled with tropical fruits like pineapple and melon pieces. Another idea is to fill a large bowl, clear glass vase or large basket with whole fruits. Great pineapples, bananas, mangoes, papayas and tangerines can be placed together for a great centerpiece. Alternatively, you can put just a big pineapple on each table as its center and surround with a lei of fresh flowers.

A huge bouquet of tropical flowers is another tropical centerpieces idea. You can use large birds of paradise as a starting point, and pick the flowers that complement to go with them. With its orange and yellow tones, birds of paradise go well with lots of green foliage and orchids softer colors. Other combinations include pink ginger tropical flowers, anthuriums and dendrobiums.