Tropical Flower Arrangements

Tropical Flower ArrangementsWelcome Vietnam Women’s Day October 20, 2022, the Executive Committee of the Tropical Disease Hospital Corporation Central held a flower arrangement art contest to create a joyful atmosphere, comfortable after hours of work stress , struggled for women’s Tropical Disease Hospital Central. Attending “flower arrangement art contest” with the comrades of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee of the union, the civil servants and lively participation and enthusiasm of 14 teams from the departments of hospital in hospital units.

With the theme of tropical flower Arrangements “The Women of Vietnam” to honor the noble qualities of Vietnamese women during the renovation period, the contest took place in a joyful atmosphere, solidarity, commitment and expertise shown health, skillful hands, the creation of the sisters in the hospital. 14 teams brought many unique compositions, which make sense with the unique style of flower arrangement some works are rather sophisticated investors in both flower types

¬†tropical flower Arrangements in flower art contest celebrating the Vietnam Women’s 20/10 Tropical Disease Hospital Central is one of the significant activities, held annually with many diverse forms, effective in creating more healthy playground, rewarding, satisfying cultural and spiritual needs of union members in the hospital.