Transitional Living Rooms and Kitchen

Open floor plans transitional living rooms and kitchen are becoming increasingly popular in homes once. But painting a cohesive way to the next room can be a challenge. However, a simple painting technique can give your home a beautiful open floor and cohesive look. Prepare the wall for transitional living rooms and kitchen. First level the surface and makes it easier paint. Paint your kitchen up to the border of the living room. Continue to paint in the living room, from 10 inches in the living room.

Allow the paint to dry. Place tape vertical stripes on the wall of the living room, which extends the color of the kitchen. Space of the first and second strip 4 inches apart. Space of the second and third stripe 2 inches apart. Space third and fourth stripe 1 inch apart. Paint the living room from the kitchen next to the strip.

Peel off the tape off while the paint is still wet. Squared transition for transitional living rooms and kitchen. Prime the walls and let dry completely. Apply masking tape on the vertical wall between the kitchen and living room. Paint your kitchen and stopping at the masking tape. Paint your living room, from the tape.